Franx platform

Can I share my log-on details with others?

No. Your log-on details are personal and non-transferable. For the sake of your and your company’s security, every user will need their own user account. Franx will issue unique log-on details to multiple registered users. If you fail to comply with these conditions (which are also laid down in your customer terms and conditions), you will be liable for any ensuing losses.

Can multiple people at a company use the Franx platform?
Of course. But each user must be registered separately and will receive unique log-on details for access to their own user account.
Do I have to open a Franx IBAN account to be able to use the platform?
Yes, all transactions go from and into your Franx IBAN account.
What are the costs involved in using the platform?
Opening a multi-currency IBAN account and a Franx user account is free of charge. When it comes to using our FX and current account, we charge only a fee for each transaction. Read our fees page for more information about our fees and rates.
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