Getting started


 What is Franx?

Franx is an online banking platform with a strong focus on ease of use.

The following product features makes Franx unique:

Multi-currency account Conversion & Hedging Global payments Expertise
With Franx, you can arrange all your international payments via one multicurrency account; you have only one account for 33 different currencies. The Franx IBAN is easy and convenient for international payments. In your personal dashboard on the Franx platform, you will be able to see the balance for each currency. The account is named after your company so that suppliers know where the money is coming from. You or your employees will manage the Franx platform, where you can choose the different authorizations per user.


 Franx benefits

  • Simple: Franx offers a user-friendly, easy to use platform with a world class customer service team that is always eager to assist you.
  • Low costs: Our low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront for 33 currencies.
  • Fast: Send your money instantly to suppliers and receive money fast.
  • Trusted: You can rest assured that we are the safest bank in Europe; your funds are 100% safeguarded in the Franx foundation.
  • Alerts: Easily set-up and receive notifcations via email or SMS for trades and payments.
  • Insight & integration: Clear insight into your cashflows and FX exposure with easy to use bookkeeping connections.
  • User role model: Easily set-up access and transactional limits for users within your organization.


 Opening an account

Opening an account with Franx is quick, easy and secure! We have even prepared a step-by-step video guide to help you get started.


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